Euthanasia For Dogs: A Hard But Right Decision When A Dog Is Suffering

Many dog owners love their pets so much that they feel they are part of the family, but dogs only live so long. Dogs live, on average, between 7 to 14 years, depending on the breed. While some dogs may die of natural causes, there are also times when pet owners must make the tough decision to put a dog down. If your dog is struggling with its health, mobility, or comfort, you be faced with this tough decision too. Here are three things you should know that may help you realize that euthanasia is often the best option as a dog grows older.

It Is Completely Painless

The big thing many people wonder about euthanasia for dogs is whether it hurts or not. When you take your dog to the vet to have this done, you can be completely certain that your dog will not struggle through the process. It is a process that is completely painless to the dog, and it goes very quickly.

Vets use a drug called sodium pentobarbital during this procedure, but they will often give a dog a sedative first. The sedative relaxes the dog and typically puts it to sleep, while the sodium pentobarbital is used to stop the dog's heart from beating.

It Is Often The Most Humane Way To Help Your Dog

If your dog has been suffering for a while from health issues, pain, or any other problems, making the decision to put the dog down may be the best solution for your dog. Dogs cannot talk and tell you how they feel, but instead they rely on their owners to figure this out. If you truly love your dog and cannot stand to see it in pain, making this decision may be the best route to take for your dog. It is never an easy decision to make, though, but it is often the only way to give your dog relief from its pain.

Vets Are Very Empathetic About This Subject

Finally, you should know that when you do make this hard decision, your vet and the other staff will be extremely kind, sensitive, and empathetic with you. You will most likely be given the decision whether to be present during the procedure or not, and you may also get to spend a few minutes alone with your pet after it is done.

In addition, you may be given the decision whether to take your pet home with you to bury it or to leave it with the vet's office.

Putting a dog down is hard, sad, and scary, but it is also the right decision to make when a dog is suffering. To learn more about this, contact an affordable vet clinic today.